Canadian professional dance & fitness instructor, Jill Simpson, is the developer of a number of innovative wellness programs which use music and dance-based movements as powerful tools to stimulate and challenge both the body and the brain.

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Better with Fitness is a wellness fitness and education program based on scientific research into the importance of social connection for both personal and community wellness. It is a fun-filled way to exercise body and brain in a challenging, non-competitive atmosphere of friendship and support for all.

The Great Brain Workout  (formally the Body, Mind, and Movement Program) is a physical and cognitive tune-up for the body and brain.  Whether you are concerned about staving off dementia, or simply wish to maintain a healthy active brain, this fun-filled class will challenge you to (literally) think on your feet.

Dancing with disAbility is designed to assist those struggling with neurodegenerative movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, MS, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. The program works on balance and coordination teaching the brain to think of movement in a different way.

Jill has worked with both the Alzheimer and MS Societies in Ontario,Canada.

On top of a busy teaching schedule, she does workshops and public speaking engagements educating adults on how best to maintain physical and cognitive health throughout a lifetime. Believing knowledge gives the power to make wise lifestyle choices, her emphasis is on showing people how to THRIVE  not merely SURVIVE into advanced old-age. 

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         Jill’s Background

  • Geriatric Certificate Program – McMaster University
  • Dignity and Vitality in Dementia Study – Research Lead
  • Dancing with disAbility – Director
  • Alzheimer Society of Ontario, Minds in Motion – Physical Activity Lead
  • Body, Mind, and Movement Program for Brain Fitness – Developer
  • NCCP – [FMS] Fundamental Movement Skills
  • CCAA – Seniors Fitness Instructor Certified
  • Canfitpro – FIS Certified
  • Canadian Falls Prevention – Trained
  • Osteoporosis Society – BoneFit® Certified Instructor
  • Dancing with Parkinson’s – Trained Instructor