Meet Jill Simpson

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Canadian fitness/dance instructor, Jill Simpson, has worked with both the Alzheimer and MS Societies. She is the developer of two innovative programs which use dance-based movement as a powerful tool for helping those struggling with cognitive and neurodegenerative issues. On top of her teaching schedule, she does numerous public speaking engagements educating adults on how best to maintain physical and cognitive health throughout a lifetime.

A great deal of contemporary scientific research suggests that challenging one’s thinking and coordination, can stimulate the body’s production of neurotransmitters.  Many of these chemicals, serotonin and dopamine for example, also happen to be some of our most powerful mood-enhancing hormones (Akhtar & Khan, 2017).

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Dancing with disAbility is designed for those with Parkinson’s, MS, cerebral palsy, stroke deficits, traumatic brain injury, and other movement challenges. Together we work on balance, coordination, and fluidity of movement.

“Use it, or lose it!” is extremely applicable to the brain. A Body, Mind, and Movement Program for Brain Fitness class is like a weekly tune-up for your brain (Butera & Elgelid, 2017). Following class, participants report feeling more focused, having greater clarity, and feeling a heightened sense of emotional well-being.  This reaction is not surprising, given that to truly engage in class, one must concentrate fully on the changing rhythms and movement sequences.

Jill’s Background

  • Geriatric Certificate Program – McMaster University
  • Dignity and Vitality in Dementia Study – Research Lead
  • Dancing with disAbility – Director
  • Alzheimer Society of Ontario, Minds in Motion – Physical Activity Lead
  • Body, Mind, and Movement Program for Brain Fitness – Developer
  • NCCP – [FMS] Fundamental Movement Skills
  • CCAA – Seniors Fitness Instructor Certification
  • Canfitpro – FIS Certified
  • Canadian Falls Prevention – Trained
  • Osteoporosis Society – BoneFit® Certified Instructor
  • Dancing with Parkinson’s – Trained Instructor

Creating innovative wellness programs for your body and your brain!